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Legal Aspects of Purchasing

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The Legal Aspects of Purchasing, Understanding and anticipating the legal impact of purchasing decisions is vital for every organization and therefore vital for every purchasing professional. Yet, in most organizations, very little attention is paid to whether purchasing staff truly understand the legal dimensions of purchasing. This website has been designed to lay a foundation for an enhanced understanding of purchasing-specific legal issues. Moreover, will learn how to carry out purchasing activities in a way that prevents problems from occurring.

Specific attention will be paid to contracts, agency law and the relationship between buyer and seller. We will explore and discuss in detail the impact of the Uniform Commercial Code on supply chain management, and anti-competition laws that can affect everyone in the supply chain.

Our objectives are the following:

* Understand why the law is important to know in your role as a Buyer or Seller.

* Learn the legal and contract principles necessary to effectively contract with suppliers and customers.

* Find out how to avoid legal disputes and when to make legal moves.

* Learn the fundamentals and legal principles involved with making and negotiating contracts.

The different aspects involved in purchasing

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